Barbie’s anti-Vax parody brilliantly kills science deniers

Barbie's anti-Vax parody brilliantly kills science deniers

“She’s strong. She’s independent. She doesn’t trust science,” the woman says, as images of dolls wearing shirts with anti-vax extremist sentiments such as “Johnson & Johnson or Satan & Satan?” slide across the screen.

Story Highlights:

  • The fake commercial is peddling a new doll — Anti-Vax Barbie. “And the fun is contagious!” the narrator exclaims.

  • The juxtaposition of the unfortunately all-too-familiar anti-science rhetoric with young girls giggling as they act out scenes mimicking ones anti-vaxxers throughout the United States have played out in real life over the past two years is both hilarious and deeply disturbing, considering how realistic it very well could be.

“I’m sorry, you can’t come in here without a mask,” says one child with a grocery store employee doll.

And yes, in typical Barbie fashion, there’s a version of this made-up doll who hangs out at the stables — to get Ivermectin, of course.

“I have a medical condition!” claims the other, voicing an Anti-Vax Barbie with a “HOAX” t-shirt and a Karen hairstyle, before angrily “fighting” with the other doll.

“The only mandate this Barbie cares about is with her proud boyfriend, Ken,” the narrator says, as a white male doll with a “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirt comes on screen.

“Sorry babe, can’t hear you, Alex Jones is talking about monoclonal antibodies,” the kid playing Ken tells Barbie.

And instead of the iconic Barbie Dreamhouse, this version of the doll gets a Dream Ventilator — sold separately, and only in Florida in Kentucky. Barbie has had many professions over the years, including frequently working in healthcare, other sciences, and as an educator. Mattel actually released a Barbie doll of AstraZeneca co-founder Sarah Gilbert last year.

With that in mind, it seems unlikely we’ll ever actually have to deal with an official anti-vax Barbie, but maybe far-right extremists can launch their own toy line to make it happen. One can only imagine it would play out pretty much exactly the way Jimmy Kimmel suggested.

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