Authorities hope the reward will help them find Casey and Vicky White

Authorities hope the reward will help them find Casey and Vicky White

As the nationwide search for Casey and Vicky White continues, the US Marshals Service is offering a $ 15,000 reward, with Governor Kay Ivey offering up to $ 10,000.

Austin Williams, co-founder of GoFundMe, established this fundraising in the hopes that people will speak up.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise reward money in the hopes of apprehending Casey and Vicky White.

Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County says officials need the public’s aid to get this man off the streets.

Although authorities know the duo of Casey White and Vicky White headed north of Florence after their Ford SUV was recovered in Williamson County Tennessee last Friday, Sheriff Singleton says the pair could be anywhere.

“It will require effort, and it will require public effort.” Singleton stated, “Not just police enforcement.”

“We don’t know if they continued north or turned around and came back south or went east or west we really don’t know,” Singleton said.

That’s why the public’s help is so necessary.

With reward money potentially reaching $ 35,000, authorities hope that incentive gets them closer to finding Casey and Vicky. “Reward money seems to help. It gives someone some incentive to come forward if they have information,” Singleton said.

Austin Williams is the son of Connie Ridgeway. Casey White is charged with murdering Ridgeway in 2015.

In addition to the $ 25,000 reward money being issued by the U.S. Marshals Service and Governor Kay Ivey, Williams started this fundraiser with the goal of raising $ 10,000 in reward money to find the accused murderer and the former correctional officer. “We’re just trying to get a good number out there. A good go, we thought it was a reasonable goal to reach,” Williams said.

“They’re gonna know that people are looking for them and when they poke their head out, someone is going to eventually see them. They’re going to make that phone call and we’re going to catch them,” Singleton said. With so much money at stake, Sheriff Singleton says that could make it harder for the two to stay hidden.

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