Apex Legends Mobile is not ideal for mobile devices

Apex Legends Mobile is not ideal for mobile devices

Apex Legends is a multiplayer game that I enjoy playing but am bad at. I was terribly embarrassed when I was invited to a press trial for the game’s limited-time Control mode earlier this year, as my peers consistently downed me with a headshot from across the map. I’ve always wanted to play it more than I really do, but I’ve never felt ready for the jittery world of PC gamers.

Apex Legends Mobile is not ideal for mobile devices

While it’s a smooth experience that I’m enjoying my time with already, it’s hard to shake the feeling that Apex Legends isn’t exactly the best fit for small screens.

Apex Legends Mobile fixes that problem for me, while it introduces some new ones in the process. The battle royale hit’s standalone mobile version seems like a one-to-one replication of its larger cousin. (the most notable difference is the number of pop-up notifications trying to nudge players to the shop). That means I can fully enjoy the shooter in a more casual portable setting, one free from the mouse and keyboard crowd.

A clean adaptation

Like its console and PC counterpart, Apex Legends Mobile is a faced-paced battle royale where one squad tries to outlast the rest. While developer Respawn continually emphasized that the mobile version was an entire standalone experience from the original, it’s shockingly not very different. You’ll still drop into Kings Canyon with a squad of heroes, each of which has its own ability. There are fewer modes and characters at launch, but nothing about the experience feels fundamentally different.

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