ANSWER: Danger of intentionally taking COVID-19 | News from Connecticut

ANSWER: Danger of intentionally taking COVID-19 |  News from Connecticut

The first reason, there’s always a risk of a severe infection, even if you’re vaccinated with a booster.

Story Highlights:

  • Doctors say this trend needs to end now.

  • When asked about it, a doctor with Hartford HealthCare even said “I can’t believe we’re talking about this.”

A doctor with StayWell Health says the risk is still too great, even if Omicron is milder.

So while it’s less likely you’ll die or go to the hospital, you can still get a severe illness.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Elie Helou says each person’s immune system is different.

“I had a perfectly healthy 26-year-old patient who I was talking with last week, like we’re talking today. She doesn’t have any underlying conditions, but she still had a very severe case of COVID with the Omicron variant,” Dr. Helou stated.

Dr. Helou says the latest surge has been causing staff shortages across clinics and hospitals all over the state, bringing us to a second reason doctors say not to purposely catch Omicron, more COVID-19 cases could push our already overwhelmed hospitals.

Hartford HealthCare has been juggling many patients who have the virus and other conditions. “We’ve got some people who come for broken legs or cellulitis, things like that, or mental health issues, or having a baby, but they happen to have COVID and we’re managing that as well,” Dr. Ajay Kumar of Hartford HealthCare said.

Younger populations continue to be the least vaccinated. In Waterbury, only 8.8 of 5-to-11 year olds are fully vaccinated.

With Omicron infections continually rising in kids, we get to a third reason not to do this, doctors say by infecting ourselves with Omicron.

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