Announcement of the winners of the district science fair

Announcement of the winners of the district science fair

• Biochemistry & Health

Story Highlights:

  • Students displayed their science projects at the Magnolia Event Center this past Saturday and the hypotheses were endless. Students competed in the following categories:Behavior & Social Science

  • • Chemistry

• Engineering

• Environmental & Animal Science

• Physical Science

• Plant Science

Congratulations to all of the students who placed and to everyone who participated:

Behavioral & Social Science:1st Place – Case Madison ‘Do You React Fast?’2nd Place – Macy Allbritton ‘Why Do People Need Sound to Sleep?’3rd Place – Sonia Arroyo ‘How Color Influences Taste Buds’ Biochemistry & Health1st Place – Kate Fayrweather ‘To Eat or Not to Eat’2nd Place – Arianna Lopez ‘Effects of Energy Drinks’3rd Place – Maisie Ramsay ‘Does Age Affect Hearing?3rd Place – Tristan Craig ‘Spoiler Alert’

Chemistry1st Place – Eiera Taylor ‘Different Charcoal Wood Shades’1st Place – Violet Burkholder ‘geode Eggshells’2nd Place – Emily Werner ‘Dyeing to Know! What Fabric Makes the Brightest Color?’3rd Place – Abby Davis ‘Fatal Attraction’ Engineering:1st Place – Owen Speck ‘The Effect of Different Wings and Spoilers on Downforce or Lift’2nd Place – Jackson Illert ‘Wire Distance and Its Effect on Electricity Strength’3rd Place – Hannah Denison ‘Free Falling’

Physical Science:1st Place – Sarah Skinner ‘Tech Suit vs Practice Suit’2nd Place – Swayzie Nigliasso ‘Which Heat Setting Holds My Curls All School Day?’3rd Place – Blaine Ayers ‘What Bat Should I Use?’ Environmental & Animal Science:1st Place – Reagan Cowham ‘Peppa Muddy Puddles:2nd Place – Abigail Stinebaugh ‘The Heat Trapper’3rd Place – Kadi Ivey ‘Drip! Drip! Drip!’

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Addison for their donation and continued support for the Magnolia Science Department which includes a Chromebook for each first and second place student. Plant Science:1st Place – Ethan Lapham ‘The Race’2nd Place – Ruby Laskowski ‘I Wet My Plants’2nd Place – Zachory McCaskill ‘Plant Growth in Different Soil’3rd Place – Chole Wedgman ‘Changing Color of Flowers’

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