Adolescents in “serious condition” after ingestion at the Academy of Sports and Medical Sciences in Hartford

Adolescents in "serious condition" after ingestion at the Academy of Sports and Medical Sciences in Hartford

Initial information suggested there may have been three students who ingested a substance, Bronin said. The three students were brought to the hospital, two for observation who were possibly exposed, according to Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody.

Story Highlights:

  • Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said initial reports came in mid-morning of a student unconscious and breathing at the school. A seventh grader had collapsed in the gym. Bronin said fire personnel arrived quickly and began life-saving measures.

  • The other is the seventh-grade student in “grave condition,” according to Bronin. Thody said that student ingested the substance.

It is believed when the incident happened all three of these students were together.

The school was placed into a soft lockdown while the DEA and drug-sniffing dogs searched the school for any additional substances.

Bronin said officials have since received reports of initial analysis showing the substance was fentanyl. They do not know for certain whether other students ingested it, he said. Thody said they will be getting the substance tested more thoroughly.

According to Bronin, it appears the drug was brought to school by a student and multiple, additional bags of what officials believe is fentanyl was found around the school.

Before any of the students at the school left for the day, they had to go through a decontamination process.

“Students and teachers and anybody that was in the school had to walk through a solution of bleach and OxiClean, which dissolves and neutralizes the fentanyl before they were allowed to leave the building,” Thody said. “Fentanyl is a poison, these drugs are a poison, and please if you’re a parent, have that tough conversation with your child tonight, that if anybody offers or suggests that they experiment with or ingest some substance they think is a drug or they don’t know what it is, don’t do it, stay a mile away and for God’s sake please report it so that we can try to protect your child, their friends and every kid,” Bronin said.

Investigation is ongoing. The superintendent says she will have to make the call on whether there will be school tomorrow.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 8 for updates.

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