According to reports, Nike does not have to extend the signing contract for Kyrie Irving’s shoes

According to reports, Nike does not have to extend the signing contract for Kyrie Irving's shoes

Nike may not renew its contract with Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving, despite the fact that the deal was struck in 2014 and has made both parties a lot of money. “Uncertainties surrounding his NBA future have caused the corporation to be unlikely to extend him to a similar signature agreement beyond the 2022-23 season,” according to ESPN. Fans may recall that Irving was barred from playing in most home games at Barclays Center last season due to governmental laws in New York City and state because he refused the COVID vaccine. He was finally allowed to play in a few away games, and then New York City changed its rules to allow unvaccinated professional athletes, including Irving, to return to work without restrictions.

Meanwhile, Nike shoe enthusiasts remain as loyal as ever. Irving has had one of the most popular and profitable signature shoe lines in history, and Nike will likely continue some partnership with him, perhaps with “retro shoes from previous collections,” per ESPN. But the main contract is likely to expire without extension after the 2022-2023 season, even with a new shoe set to be released this fall.When reached for comment, ESPN told Nike: “We don’t comment on contracts or rumors or speculation. Kyrie remains a Nike athlete.”

Despite making the playoffs, the Nets were swept by the Heat.

Irving may currently be “a Nike athlete,” but he hasn’t always been pleased with the product Nike has issued on his behalf.

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