Acadian medical officials report the current rise in COVID-19

Acadian medical officials report the current rise in COVID-19

Dr. Amanda Logue says that Ochsner Lafayette General has seen an increase in hospitalizations at their facilities thanks to the current Omicron surge in the state. Currently, there are 111 COVID patients with 20 in ICU and 12 of those patients on ventilators.

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  • Dr. Henry Kaufman, Chief Medical Officer at Our Lady of Lourdes, Dr. Amanda Logue, Regional Medical Director at Ochsner Lafayette General and Dr. Tina Stefanski, Region 4 Medical Director of the Office of Public Health were on the call to provide information to the media.

  • She says many in the 111 patients count were coming to the hospital for other medical reasons, they just happen to also be COVID positive. This is different than previous surges where people were coming strictly because of COVID.

Logue says it is part of their procedure to test every person that comes in to Ochsner facilities for medical treatment.

Dr. Logue says they are not at the numbers they saw last year with services shut down and facilities and staff overburdened.

Contrasting with the Delta surge last year, In august there was 172 patients with COVID at OLGH.

They hope they don’t get there, Logue points out that there is potential for plateaus on new patients being admitted with COVID however it is too early to say.

The numbers locally, she says, are still going up.

186 employees with Ochsner Lafayette General are out with COVID. The number is higher than with any prior surge across all types of healthcare professionals. Logue says that those employees with COVID are coming back to work faster than in previous surges.

The Domingue Recreation Center has remained open Monday through Friday for COVID-19 testing. Logue says that 300 tests are administered per day, both PCR or rapid tests. They have seen a 40 to 50 percent positivty rate.

Ochsner says that the people coming through are not necessarily sick. Many are getting tested because of need to return to work or school. Officials say that vaccines are offered at all Ochsner locations for all eligible people. Boosters can also be scheduled through them on their website.

Dr. Kauffman with Our Lady of Lourdes says they are seeing an uptick on admissions but not at the same level as Ochsner. 60 COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized on their main campus. 71 COVID patients are recorded throughout the system. 1 child is in pediatric care.

Length of stay for vaccinated people is also significantly lower, she says. Ochsner says that the vast majority of critical patients in their hospitals are not vaccinated. Others hospitalized are vaccinated but not boosted. Those non-boosted individuals are older and with co-morbidities, Logue said.

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