A man from Sacramento is suspected of stealing money from Home Depot

A man from Sacramento is suspected of stealing money from Home Depot

According to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, an alert Home Depot loss prevention officer assisted in the arrest of a Sacramento man suspected of using counterfeit money.

According to investigators, the individual purchased numerous products with $500 in counterfeit money.

“Loss prevention at Home Depot contacted our dispatch centre. “And loss prevention had indicated that they spotted a male passing off multiple counterfeit hundred dollar bills,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Angela Musallam said.

“People that come in with counterfeit money buy a fairly low item in the stores so they can receive the most money back,” Musallam explained.

It wasn’t the first time Home Depot in Auburn had been attacked with counterfeit notes two weeks ago.

Police in Modesto are looking for a car in connection with the death of a DoorDash driver.
Investigators said they recovered more $100 bills in his car, as well as several grammes of methamphetamine.

Deputies detained a couple in March for buying things with hundreds of dollars of false money during many trips in and out of the store.

According to deputies, the couple did the identical offence in multiple stores throughout Placer County.

“I think people come to Placer County and think they can get away with certain crimes. But the message that we want to send out to everybody is that that’s not the case. This is a county that holds all criminals accountable,” Musallam said.  

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