Nearly half of entrepreneurs say remote work damages productivity

The survey further suggests, as Inc. reports, that employers disagree with research showing people are equally or more productive while working from home, and 39% of respondents said they would fire employees who refused to return to the office. Among companies that reported their employees were completely office-based before the pandemic, that figure rose to 44%.

Story Highlights:

  • Among more than 1,000 U.S. business owners who took part in a survey by Seattle-based, 45% stated their companies aren’t getting as much done while their employees are working from home. 

  • The views of business owners contrast with that of a workforce increasingly seeking remote work flexibility. 

“Companies that focus on physical location and hours worked will be behind the curve,” Dennis Consorte,’s small business expert, says in the survey results. “Otherwise, their most valued employees may seek out remote opportunities elsewhere.” Read the full story. 

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