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Playing through my library of games across an assortment of genres felt great on the Fusion Pro 2. The controller in its default configuration is able to match the experience provided by the standard Series X controller in most regards (face buttons, thumbsticks), and exceed it in others (bumpers, triggers, and mappable paddles). Putting the controller up to an assortment of racing and flight games I was able to test the range on the triggers and found that they are able to be finely controlled depending on the situation. While playing Forza the rumble motors in the triggers do work as intended, unlike some third-party offerings! The D-pad, though on the stiff side, does turn in a good performance and responds accurately to presses without a single hint of a misread input. I think many will love the built-in headset volume and mic mute abilities. 

Story Highlights:

  • I am a fan of Power A also including a second faceplate in the packaging, allowing us to further customize the Fusion Pro 2 to our tastes. I do wish that the white one had the same rubberized grip on the front though. The 10-foot braided USB-C cord attaches firmly to the controller and features a breakaway cord at the end to protect your Xbox consoles in case of an accidental stumble. The design takes me back to the days of the original Xbox and I like the nostalgia! As far as build quality goes, the Fusion Pro 2 is a beast. It takes any punishment I can give it and laughs at my efforts to make it bend to my will. For everyday wear and tear, it should hold up well!

  • So as a standard Xbox controller the Fusion Pro 2 is definitely hitting its mark, but there is so much more here that can benefit players of any variety! First is the mappable Pro Pack. With this included addition you are able to map any of the controller’s buttons for easier use during play. Power A has made the mapping procedure extremely easy and you are able to customize it on the fly without needing to use any additional software. As mentioned previously, the paddles can be removed to fit the game in question or personal preference. For myself, I tend to like having just 2 attached instead of the full 4 and I usually have them offset. But in some games, I like to remove the pack entirely if they aren’t needed. Thanks to the included carrying case I don’t have to worry about losing them, which is a plus.

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