Mindvalley Brings Its Transformational Programming To Emirates Award-Winning Inflight Entertainment Lineup

“The pandemic has been the catalyst needed to prioritize personal growth and we are excited to bring positive change to travelers as flying picks up once again,” says Vishen Lakhiani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley. “Mindvalley’s mission is to disrupt the education system by teaching skills that are traditionally overlooked at school. Now passengers can learn from the best teachers in the world on a campus that defies borders while flying onboard Emirates.”

These Quests are available inflight from April 2021:

Soon after, Emirates will add the following courses to the roster:

Money EQ by Ken Honda – Transform your relationship with money and open the floodgates to a life of free-flowing wealth and prosperity.
Everyday Bliss by Paul McKenna, PhD – Become your calmer and more resilient self.

Since 2003, Mindvalley has transformed teachings of top educators, authors and activists into virtual learning experiences that foster community and prioritize mindset over all else. Mindvalley and its community of more than 15 million growth seekers are committed to life-long learning on subjects that truly matter. Mindvalley’s Quests will reach Emirates’ international audience across six continents, introducing thousands of students around the globe to Mindvalley. For more information about Mindvalley, or to sign up for one of their 30+ Quests, go to Mindvalley.com.


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