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Jones said when it came time to think of other ways the library could improve, that is when the idea for a teen space became a part of the plan.

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  • “We started talking about how we could improve when we were closed during the COVID. The first thing we did was get new floors for the entire library, and then, we started thinking about other ways that we could improve the library,” Jones said.

  • “The actual furniture and all of that has come in within the last few months, but we’ve been thinking about it for a long time,” Jones said. “It is the teen space, but everyone is welcome to use the collection — clubs are for teens, but other than that, anyone can come in here and use what we have.”

After new flooring, furniture, shelving and paint, the teen space was officially opened on Friday — after Jones and the library staff brought all of the young adult books down two flights of stairs.

Most of the furniture in the teen space has wheels, so it is able to be easily moved for events or discussion groups.

“There was a little section of the adult floor that was for teens, but my hope for this room is that teens are going to feel more comfortable here, free to talk to me about whatever they’re reading, because I do think being out in the open in the adult section for some people was intimidating, and it’s nice to just have your own team space,” Jones said.

“We can do more programs here now, and we’re doing all kinds of clubs. I also ordered some cooking supplies, so we’re going to be doing cooking classes also,” Jones said. “We’re doing monthly cooking classes, and I have weekly clubs that are going to begin sometime in September. We have art club, book discussion club and anime/manga club. We aren’t doing any in-person programming until at least September, but we do have the outdoor cosplay contest and a free comic book day coming up on Aug. 14.”

As a lover of books, Jones said that she gets excited to order new books for the teen space.

“I am a big fan of graphic novels, so it’s fun to talk to the teens about new books that are coming out. The teens themselves are always funny, inspiring and really creative,” Jones said. “I plan on improving our book collection always and hopefully, our club attendance will grow.” More information on MBCPL can be found at

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