Lunar Holidays Donate Heartbreak Treatment to Nosferatu in Their Video “Gears”

In a statement about the track, Repasky said, “When I look back on any kind of relationship, it’s usually through rose-colored glasses. I guess this song tells me that although this happened, you just gotta keep going because this isn’t the end of the world. But the last lines are a reflection of how inner-me feels… I’ll probably always be a little sad about the loss. I feel like most, if not all, of my songs are future-me giving past-me advice and insight on specific situations that evoked heavy feelings.”

Story Highlights:

  • As the song’s title suggests, movement is its core sentiment. Sometimes our own emotional sprockets get jammed after the dissolution of a relationship, looking back at the past with a romantically delusional view. But most things aren’t as perfect as our brain—persuaded by the heart—remembers them to be. And so, as vocalist Grace Repasky sings, “A broken wheel you tried to steer / Let’s go ahead and change the gears.” Check in with yourself and move ahead.

  • The single is accompanied by a Nosferatu-inspired visual. Repasky wears all black with her face covered in eerie black-and-white makeup. It’s somewhere between No-Face from Spirited Away and Divine in Pink Flamingos.

Watch it below, and pre-order their debut album here.

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