Business leaders and lawmakers meet in Rockford to discuss adding jobs to the region

“It’s not just about one city or one county, but rather it’s looking across our entire region to say, ‘what are the different pieces that we can each bring together to make us a successful place for new jobs and new investments to come in,” said Illinois State Rep. Tom Demmer (R- 90th District).

Story Highlights:

  • The Illinois I-39 State of the Market Symposium was held at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Rockford. Held by the I-39 Logistics Corridor and Chicago Industrial Properties, leaders talked about trends in transportation, rail, data centers and more.

  • Demmer spoke at the event about the market in north-central Illinois. He believes to help with growth in the area, it is important to prepare the next generation of workers.

“I think whatever we can do to support the education infrastructure in the area and to make them agile to be able to meet the needs of an investment or a project that’s coming in, the better opportunity we have to land those projects,” said Demmer.

Demmer adds that he thinks it’s important to focus on the region’s transportation infrastructure moving forward to help make sure products grown and made in the region are sold around the world.

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