Burning business for Joey Lynn

Appearing on the show gave Joey the credentials he needed to start his own business offering knife forging classes. “That’s coming in, you forge your blade, twist it, you help finish it, you leave with a finished knife. I means it’s sharp when leave, it’s a perfectly usable knife”. 800 happy customers have made a knife with Joey since he started his business 3 years ago. Lynn says, “I’ve been blessed. You know being on Forged in Fire was a big boost for me”.

Story Highlights:

  • He forged his first knife in 2017, picked it up as a hobby for 6 months, then appeared on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire Rookie episode to start off 2018. Lynn added, “I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t first, but I wasn’t last”.

  • Joey is holding an open house forging event Saturday July 31st where 6 other Forged in Fire contestants will be on site, including two past winners. Lynn added, “we are going to have live forging demonstrations. These guys are going to have their table set up out here selling their merchandise, t-shirts, key chains, blades, and everything else”. They will also have food, so come hungry. Follow Joey on Facebook here: Joey’s Forge Handmade Knives.

Saturday July 31 10 am – 4 PM. 3914 Buck Road Augusta, GA.(WRDW)

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