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Use Instagram new Live Rooms feature

Use Instagram new Live Rooms feature

Hello everyone, in this article we will show you how Use Instagram’s new Live Rooms feature. Live Rooms is an Instagram feature that lets you and up to three other people video chat live instead of just two people like before. Instagram said it hopes people will use the live rooms to start a “talk show or podcast” or host a “jam session.” Either way, a live broadcast with more people could attract a larger audience because all viewers can see and be informed about the Live Room.

Instagram has announced Live Rooms, which allows creators to add up to four people to a live stream. Previously, only one user could join others on Instagram Live. Instagram Live has been one of the most used features by content creators, brands and regular users during the Covid 19 pandemic when everyone was stuck at home. Celebrities used this feature to chat with other celebrities or news personalities and share live with their fans.

Instagram Lives are a great approach to increase brand awareness and drive your business forward. When two brands collaborate live on social media, their followers are more likely to follow the other. Instagram Live is a great way to quickly reach a large audience. Instagram Live rooms have been updated to include the ability to go live with three other people. This improves networking between influencers and brands. In this case, Instagram Live Rooms could function as a talk show or podcast in the future. Before we continue, we recommend that you update your Instagram. In this article, we’ll talk about how to use the new Live Rooms feature on Instagram.

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How to use the new Live Rooms feature on Instagram

How to create a living room

Step 1: To access the live feature, you need to open Instagram stories and swipe over the “Liveicon”.

Step 2: Add a name to your living room once you select the live broadcast feature. To do this, select the left-aligned icon on the left side of the screen. By adding a title to your live broadcast, viewers will know the theme of the room and what to expect.

Step 3: Now you can go live! hit”Live” to start broadcasting. Give the audience time to join in, so you can chat with incoming guests while you wait.

Step 4: To add guests to your living room, tap “Video” and you will be able to send requests to guests to join up to 3. Here you will also be able to see who has asked to live with you.

Final words

We hope you have understood this article on how to use Instagram’s new live rooms feature. To start a live room, swipe left and select Live Camera. Then add a name and tap the Rooms icon to add your guests. You’ll see people who have asked to live with you, and you can also search for a guest to add. When you start a live room, stay at the top of the screen while adding guests. People who are blocked by any of the active participants in the live room cannot join the live circuit.

Originally posted 2022-08-24 15:28:43.