Guide to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos

How to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos

So in this guide we are talking about How to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos.

Guide: How to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos

Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint is one of the techniques to improve your presentation and keep your audience’s attention. YouTube has quickly become the most popular and prolific source of videos on the Internet, and with so many movies to choose from, you’ll almost certainly want to include one or two videos in your presentations. Finding a video on YouTube for your presentation is easy, but getting that video to a slide and making sure it plays on the day of the presentation requires a few steps you may not know. We created this article to show you how to include YouTube videos in your next PowerPoint presentation to help you take advantage of the video resources available on YouTube.

Consider the following scenario: You present a presentation to your boss, a potential new client, or a key customer. You are settled in a comfortable routine and things are going smoothly. Best of all, you have a fantastic video in your presentation that is guaranteed to arouse their interest. However, when you switch to your PowerPoint video, it will not play. You lose attention, you try to find the video somewhere else (or you don’t play it at all), and you lose the attention of your once-captivated audience.

We’ve all been there, and technical glitches related to video can be a major turning point for both presenters and viewers. However, if the video is done correctly, it has the ability to enhance the presentation, engage the crowd, and convey a compelling message to your audience.

How to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint 365

  • Find the video you want to embed on YouTube and copy the full URL from the address bar of your PC or Mac web browser.
  • In PowerPoint, click the “Paste” tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen.
  • Click on “Video” and select “Online Video” from the drop-down list.
  • In the Online Video dialog box, enter the YouTube video URL.

You can apply various effects to the video preview using the options on the Video Format tab of the ribbon. These options affect the preview of the video that appears in the slide before the video plays – they do not affect the video during playback.

Final words: How to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos

I hope you understand and like this guide How to Use Pow­er­Point to Insert YouTube Videos. If you find this tutorial blog interesting then share with your family and friends.

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