Guide to make free international call using WhatsApp

How to make free international call using WhatsApp

So in this guide we are talking about How to make free international call using WhatsApp.

Guide: How to make free international call using WhatsApp

Making international calls was challenging about 20 years ago. I had to spend a lot of money to use a landline. However, everything is connected thanks to the Internet. Especially in services like WhatsApp. Everyone can call abroad for free if they have a cheap data plan. In order to be able to call abroad twenty years ago, you had to use a landline for this privilege and pay a lot of money.

Those times are long gone thanks to the Internet. With messaging programs like WhatsApp, you can make international calls at the cost of using your Internet data. Here’s how to use WhatsApp to make free international calls while saving online data. Select the contact you want to call so you can call via WhatsApp. Then select the phone or video symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. WhatsApp may ask for permission to use your camera and microphone.

Can I make international calls for free using WhatsApp?

Well, sort of. Like Telegram, Line and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp uses an Internet or mobile connection to connect WhatsApp users to each other through either a direct message or voice call. WhatsApp cannot be used to make a phone call to a mobile number that is not in your WhatsApp contact list. It cannot be used for landline calls either.

So while your call via WhatsApp with a contact in another country may look, sound and act like an international phone call, it’s actually a voice call or a voice chat. This can be confusing because the app uses your phone number when setting up your account, but this is done to confirm your identity and to connect with your phonebook contacts, not to be able to call you for free.

Some points to keep in mind:

  • WhatsApp and WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to call international contacts, but only from your WhatsApp account to their WhatsApp account.
  • WhatsApp voice calls are not phone calls. WhatsApp can’t call landline numbers, so if you think you’re calling through WhatsApp, you may actually be making a normal phone call through your device’s default phone application. However, Skype can call regular phone numbers.
  • Check your WhatsApp contacts. You cannot voice call a mobile number that is not in your WhatsApp contacts. If you think so, you like the classic phone call, for which you will be charged as usual.

Does WhatsApp charges international calls?

When you make a voice call to a contact through WhatsApp, you are not charged for the phone call because it is not actually a phone call. However, you will be charged for all the data used, as the call takes place purely over the Internet. If you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile operator, you should be fine, but if your plan has data limits, it’s actually possible to exceed this when using WhatsApp, especially if you’re sending media files or making video calls. .

When using WhatsApp over Wi-Fi, you don’t use any of your mobile data, so try to connect to Wi-Fi if possible. There have been cases of people claiming to have been charged for international phone calls after using WhatsApp with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. Although this should not technically happen, there are several explanations for it.

  • The wrong application was used. The app icon for the WhatsApp app and the default phone apps on the iPhone and Android smartphones look very similar and may have been used to make calls by mistake.
  • Confusion in the directory. The iOS Contacts app places a Call WhatsApp link directly above the contact’s phone number. Tap the number to make a normal phone call, while tap Call WhatsApp should tap the WhatsApp call.
  • Mobile operator charges. Some users have argued that their operators will switch a WhatsApp call to a regular call if the Wi-Fi or mobile network signal is weak. To prevent this, if this actually happens, turn on Airplane mode when using WhatsApp to ensure that you only connect to the Wi-Fi signal.
  • WhatsApp confusion. Users who are new to smartphones may think that downloading WhatsApp makes all phone calls free. Not that. You must make WhatsApp calls and messages from the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp can be a very useful application for staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues and all communication in it, whether you give or take less data charges, should be free. If you find that your carrier charges you high for WhatsApp calls, it’s probably because of one of the above issues.

Final words: How to make free international call using WhatsApp

I hope you understand and like this guide How to make free international call using WhatsApp. If you find this tutorial blog interesting then share with your family and friends.

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